Urgent Help Needed to Save Children from Trafficking

Villages in northwest India are surrounded by forests and mountains are plagued by local extremists who abduct children, forcing them into prostitution and other horrors. Desperate parents, lured by false promises of jobs for their children, unwittingly fall prey to traffickers.

Recently, a young girl named Seema was rescued from traffickers after two harrowing weeks. Orphaned and rejected by her stepmother, Seema was an easy target. Thankfully, she is now safe.

Awareness programs in these poor, illiterate villages, educating parents and children about the dangers of trafficking is essential. We distribute books, handouts, and food, and teach children to never go with strangers. We also provide parents with crucial information to protect their kids.

We still need to expand our efforts. Our sewing schools, which train young girls to sew, are a beacon of hope, offering skills to lift families out of poverty and prevent trafficking.

Please pray for our partners in the field. Your financial support can help save more children like Seema and provide a safer future for many families. Please donate today.