Hope Amidst Devastation: Trash Dump Villages

In the outskirts of Delhi lies a community entrenched in poverty, surviving amidst a landscape of trash. Known as “trash dump villages,” residents eke out a living by collecting and recycling waste. Since 2012, our partner, Vashi, has been helping this marginalized population, where nearly half of the 50,000 inhabitants are children and literacy rates are abysmally low.

Despite facing threats from Hindus and governmental challenges, Vashi initiated a literacy and education program, operating out of a makeshift classroom in a dilapidated mud brick house known as the New Life English School. The children, vulnerable to disease, malnutrition, and exploitation, find sanctuary and hope in Vashi’s efforts.

Though surrounded by adversity, he remains resolute, seeing potential for transformative change in the lives of these communities. He continues to pursue to expand the school and provide better facilities for the children. Prayers and financial assistance are urgently needed to meet their basic needs and ensure a brighter future for Delhi’s trash dump villages.