Bringing Hope to Pakistan

In the face of adversity and persecution, Naeem and Ruby exemplify unwavering dedication to serving Pakistan’s marginalized communities. Fearlessly, they share the Gospel, armed with courage and wisdom, despite threats of death.

Venturing into Northern Pakistan, they actively engage in teaching and supporting those in desperate need through their social programs. Their livelihood initiative tackles the pervasive issue of poverty by imparting valuable skills to women, empowering them through sewing and tailoring. Furthermore, they provide essential support by distributing sewing machines, enabling women to embark on entrepreneurial journeys of their own.

Naeem and Ruby’s impact extends beyond sewing needles; they assist families in establishing goat and cow farms, providing sustainable livelihoods. The sale of milk not only sustains their own families but uplifts the entire community.

Through their selfless efforts, Naeem and Ruby embody the spirit of compassion and resilience, bringing hope and transformation to those in need across Pakistan.