Transforming Lives

Since 2007, Vinay has been a beacon of hope for the impoverished communities of North and Central India through his NGO, People in Action for Virtuous Empowerment (PAVE). PAVE goes beyond conventional aid by nurturing the holistic well-being of individuals, addressing social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

In collaboration with HIM, PAVE facilitates financial support for struggling pastors, empowering them to establish sustainable businesses. This initiative not only fosters self-sufficiency but also enables pastors to nurture the spiritual needs of India’s most impoverished and unreached populations.

Through PAVE’s efforts, diverse businesses such as computer centers, garment and tailoring shops, taxi and e-rickshaw services, and dairy farms have been successfully launched, providing livelihood opportunities to countless individuals.

Please join with us to provide the support necessary to sustain this impactful livelihood initiative, bringing lasting transformation to communities in need.