Empowering Girls and Serving Communities

In Nagaland, a region bordering Myanmar, the Naga people, once known for their headhunting practices, have largely embraced Christianity following missionary efforts about a century ago. However, tensions persist with the Indian government over reported discrimination under the current Hindu nationalist regime.

Ramayon and Rimis established the Shalom Ministry in this remote region. Their initiative encompasses various activities, notably the Shalom Girl’s Hostel, which provides a secure environment for girls attending school. Many girls live in remote areas and experience long commutes, which causes them to be in danger of exploitation. They find shelter here, receiving educational and spiritual support.

Their ministry extends to relief efforts, offering food and essentials to the needy, supporting education centers financially, and providing spiritual comfort. Their commitment remains unwavering: ensuring safety, meeting basic needs, and offering spiritual support to those they serve.