Answering God’s Call: From Hosting to Helping in Zambia

Two decades ago, I welcomed three boys from Zambia into our home, hoping to broaden my children’s horizons. Yet, I soon discovered issues with the organization behind their visit, prompting me to question my role in aiding those halfway across the globe.

This encounter led me to J. Zulu from Zambia, igniting my journey into international missions. Today, the Zulu family oversees the Mountain of Fire Church and Ministries, impacting over 400 lives in rural Zambia through five churches, two schools, and an orphanage.

Recognizing the need for affordable education, the Zulus established a school now serving 60 children. Their outreach extends to widows and youth from broken families, culminating in the recent launch of an orphanage caring for 15 girls.

From a former house painter to ministry leader, Zulu’s transformation exemplifies divine calling. Despite my initial hesitation, serving in Zambia has brought profound fulfillment. Are you listening for your own call?